Monday, 30 July 2012

Stickers Used On Fruits

Everybody likes to eat fruits. They are something which each and every one of us enjoys. There are many different kinds of fruits and everyone has their own choice. If someone does not like one type of fruit there is always some other fruit which fascinates them and makes them want to eat them. They are not only stomach filling but also healthy for ones appetite and refreshes the skin of the person using them. Fruits are also used on the products for face and body nourishment. Therefore they are of extreme importance in today’s world. They are getting expensive day by day due to the high demands in the market.

Why are stickers applied on fruits?
Stickers on fruits are there for many purposes. One of these purposes is that the scanners can use codes on the fruits to determine their prices. They are mostly round stickers which contain the specific barcodes which are different from all the other kinds of fruits. These are called the price lookup stickers which not only specify the price of the fruit but also how the fruit has been grown. This is also called PLU stickers. This specifies that whether they were grown conventionally or traditionally through pesticides. This is especially important in these days when genetically modified food has been the modern technology that develops food. Some people do not like to eat genetically modified food as they do not think that they are made in natural ways and give the hygiene that they want to have. These people want organic foods as they are of the opinion that these are best for their health and body. Genetically modified foods can also be organic however few people know this and just think that GM food is not organic at all. Therefore the codes are important as they specify these and make sure that people know what they want to eat in their lives.

Friendly sticker adhesive:
Some people do not like the idea of the sticker adhesive which is stuck on their food as they think that it is dangerous for them to consume it. This is true if the adhesive is the normal one however the vinyl stickers that are used on food do not use the adhesive which is harmful for health. These kinds of stickers are food-grade which means that they are not harmful if consumed as they are health friendly however it is much safer if you eat fruits by washing them thoroughly before eating them. This would remove any doubts of the consumer so that they can freely eat the fruit.

Stickers are also applied on fruits to make sure that they are recognized by people who buy them. This is because every fruit has different types and people when buying these needs to make sure which fruit they exactly want. The stickers also specify that which country they have come from and which company has manufactured them. This also makes sure that people can make their own choice while choosing the food they want to eat. One can buy these online stickers on the web to stick them on the fruits.

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